The essential information to include in a lab report

What Makes a Lab Report Outline?

Most students are quite familiar with the general format of writing a lab report. Essentially, it consists of the following sections:

  • Title page: Contains the full title of the experiment.
  • Introduction: Starts off the introductory section.
  • Experiment description: Information that captures the reader’s attention during the paper.
  • Procedure/ Sections: this section highlights all the steps carried out during the experiment.
  • Results and observations: These two sections highlight the findings from the experiment.
  • And finally, the conclusion or summary: This is generally the last section to write for a lab report.

Important Elements to Incorporate in Your Lab Report

While writing your lab report, there are essential elements you must have in mind. First and foremost, your report should be logical. As such, it should follow the basic steps that make it possible for others to follow. Through proper planning and execution, any single experiment can be replicated ad absurdum.

The other elements of a proper lab report also depend on the particular field of study. However, some of them are standard in science subjects. In any case, the general elements are as follows.

Title Page

As the beginning section of your report, you must ensure that all elements are clear and concise. Your title should concisely capture the topic of the experiment. If your instructor has not provided any instructions, then your title page should not be more than a single sentence wide.


In this section, you must outline the goals of the experiment. Furthermore, you must elaborate further on the relevance and significance of the experiment to your study field. In essence, this part captures the hypotheses for the paper.

Just as important, this section must outline the elements of the experiment. It should clearly highlight the variables of the test. It follows then that the introduction should provide a systematic review of the entire experiment.

Procedural Flow of the Experiment

This section aims to customer service powerpoint presentation highlight all the steps that took place during the experiment. The details should strictly follow a mechanistic flow. It should be clear to the reader what each step means and how it came about.

In this section, you must also describe all the data that was collected during the experiment. It helps you to derive the insights and results that were uncovered during the testing.

Results and Observations

This section focuses on the findings of the experiment. Ideally, all the data should be tabulated and summarized to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the experiment. All the observations should be backed up with enough supporting evidence.


At this point, you must provide a conclusion that comprehensively summarizes the findings of the experiment. It should also highlight the areas that the experiment was drawn from. Ultimately, this should help you to formulate the next steps for the research.

The Bottom line

Your lab report should also have a concise conclusion. It should state the findings of the experiment in such a way that anyone reading it can quickly get the message.

To conclude, these elements are merely recommended guidelines. In any case, your professor will require precise instructions for the section you choose to write. It is always best to seek clarification before you start the writing process.

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