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How to write an essay with 3000 words a day

The effectiveness of a stroke is determined by its ability to motivate people to read the entire text. Anchor sentence is the most recommended way to start any kind of academic work, as it gives a hint of what the topic is and what questions will be considered. This keeps the reading audience intrigued to the end. To start a novel or a fairy tale with a prehistory? Definitely not, because your readers are not interested from the front page…

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Try to select only one powerful hit as your entry in the article. You can also add a kick at the beginning of the finish .

There is no need to explain why humans cannot survive without food, how we learned that the planet is round, or why human life is worthless. This is a fun way to start an article about hate crimes, life, existence, universe, meaning of life, moral or ethical values, and more. Every day we learn different anecdotes from our colleagues, family or friends. If you want to share these funny stories with your teacher or classmates, the best way is to use anecdotes as relaxing sentences. They make people laugh and feel less nervous..

How many pages are 10,000 words?

Humor is one of the keys to success in our lives, and a good anecdote is no exception. In our case, an anecdote can be the beginning of such a serious topic as the problems of people with color blindness. This anecdote can serve as an introduction to the study of stereotypes about Chukchi, especially about their intelligence. The same anecdote can open an essay about different types of humor. Unlike other types of crochet sentences, a thesis is something a writer should develop in each new article – see the general structure here.

This is why it is better to start with another stroke so that there are two draws of attention at the entrance. The answer to the question is no. You can not use more than 1-2 sentences in your article because you risk getting a high level of plagiarism and losing your reader.